Top Bike Trails In Auckland

A bike’s journey is a dreamy saga that you wish never ends. If you are in love with biking, exploring the towns on the two wheels seems like a delightful prospect to you. there is nothing more joyous than peddling in some of the favourite towns in and around New Zealand. If you are in Auckland for the weekend and your love for biking is undying, then you should definitely check out these four trails. Surrounded by lush green and a lot of animals and birds, this is the best place for you. Choose a parking spot for the campervan rental Auckland before commencing with your trip. 

Northwestern Cycleway
This is one of the finest trails for all types of bikers. It opens to the Bond street bridge and is a whole 9km stretch. You can move from Bond street after having some good food at Kingsland. You can bike towards the Te Atatu Peninsula from the bridge through Unitec. 
It is one of the best routes if you plan to bike on a Sunday. It is the perfect trail for traveling with friends and family. one of the best ways to describe this route would be leisurely. If you are looking for a getaway with family to spend some quality time, then this is the route for you. 
There are some amazing stops that you cannot miss while biking along this route. For example, the Waterview Coffee Project is a café inside a shipping container. It is known for the ambiance and the coffee of course. You can also visit the Sunday market while on this route.

Te Ara I Whiti
This route that starts from Upper Queen and moves to Downtown is probably one of the most featured trails in Auckland. This is known as the Pink Path to almost all who have traveled this route. The reason being the pink flooring and the interactive lights that seem to light up the entire space.
The reason for the pink colour is to attract more children and get them to explore this space. This place is exciting during the nights. You should get some friends to accompany you on this rip and cycle down the night markets as well. You might want to find some space to park your motorhome hire Auckland before cycling the town. 

Waiheke Island
This is Auckland’s favourite biking spot and you should consider riding along this space. If you want to explore this route, then you should ideally get some friends to ride alongside you. This trail is best explored on a bike.
You can either have a campervan rental Auckland to reach the spot. If you don’t want to hire the campervan, then you can ferry ride to the other side and take your bikes along. You can carry a map around to navigate the place. 

Woodhill Forest
This is an adventurous trail, one that you cannot escape during your trip to Auckland. If you love getting dirty in the mud and pushing your adrenaline rush to the next level, you should be part of this forest.

This path is full of twists and turns. You should ideally reach the trail and park your motorhome hire Auckland before exploring the place. 

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