The Best Pet Insurance Companies

Based on ASPCA data from 2021, the total annual cost of caring for a dog or cat for the first year was closer to $2,705 and $1,556, respectively. After that, routine yearly expenses usually reached $803 and $801. But those figures don’t include a range of acute incidents that can occur, many of which bring vet bills with them that total in the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Plus, in 2022, the cost of veterinary services jumped by 10%.

While the average cost of pet insurance for dogs and cats usually comes in near $516 and $348, respectively, pet healthcare coverage can save you a bundle. As a result, it’s often an investment worth making. If you’re looking for high-quality coverage for your pet, here’s a look at some of the best pet insurance companies

Embrace offers a variety of plans designed to meet the needs of nearly any pet parent. Plans cover illnesses (including curable pre-existing conditions), accidents, injuries, dental, and prescriptions, allowing you to save up to 90% on vet bills.

Plus, Embrace stands out for the wide array of discounts that are available to policyholders. For example, if you insure two pets or more, you can get a 10% discount. Active duty military also see an additional 5% in savings (aside from those in New York or Tennessee). You can also see your deductible decline by $50 for every year you don’t file a claim.

If you prefer the convenience of having a comprehensive mobile app to manage your pet’s policy, Figo has you covered. Along with the ability to file claims and pay bills, you can track your pet’s medical history, chat with a veterinarian, find local groomers, and more.

The coverage is comprehensive and includes wellness care, curable pre-existing conditions, illnesses, accidents, and many other kinds of veterinary care needs. The company also doesn’t have per-incident caps, and the claims process is generally pretty quick.

Pets Best
For pet parents looking for flexibility in their coverage, Pets Best has customizable options to help you get the ideal plan for your pet. You can choose between several injury and accident options and select wellness add-ons if you’d like. There’s also an accident-only option if you prefer.

Another nice feature is that Pets Best can often pay vets directly. Along with simplifying the process of using the coverage, this approach ultimately limits your out-of-pocket expenses. Essentially, it makes ensuring your pet gets the care it needs immediately easier since you don’t have to come up with the funds yourself to initiate treatment.

Trupanion reimburses up to 90% of vet bills and also has direct vet payment options, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. The accident and illness coverage is also quite comprehensive.

While Trupanion is a solid choice for emergencies, it also helps with chronic conditions. The company’s deductible structure is unique. It has separate deductibles for each condition, and once you cover the deductible for a condition once, you aren’t charged a deductible for treating that condition again. As a result, it can be a stellar option for pets with chronic health conditions.
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